Hook ★★★½

Hook is much better than people give it credits for. I mean I think it has the lowest score of a Spielberg film in Rotten Tomatoes or something and yeah it ain't a masterpiece and it ain't as good as some other Spielberg kids films like E.T. or Indiana Jones or Ready Player One, but it is really damn fun and better than other Spielberg kids films like The BFG and The Adventures of Tin Tin and the forth Indiana Jones.

So many have said it and it probably is the best part is the whole premise. And the tagline of this movie is so amazing! "WHAT IF PETER PAN GREW UP?" that's just great, because it is telling what you must know in just a few words. And the first 30 minutes or so are great. We see a grown up Peter and how he has forgotten not only his old life but also how to live. And that was great. And the scene where Tink comes in and he slowly learns again about his old life is amazing. It is made kinda like he is loosing his mind and all and that was awesome.

Once we go to Neverland the movie gets more interesting but a bit more sloppy. It ain't bad and visually it is so damn good, but it turns from Pete on earth to him at Neverland to him being chased to Hook o Hook trying to get Pete's kids and so much is happened and almost none is explained in more details. Most of those really important plot points are left really on the surface and not much focus is given to them.

Then the ending is really damn good. There is this really inspiring and touching scene with Pan and then the action fight scene is really awesome, with some nice trash talk even if there are a few cheesy points. One of my favorite things with this is the characters. I talked about Pete, but Hook is so awesome too. Him being depressed because Pan doesn't remember him and all that was great and in the end he had such an interesting story line.

Spielberg once again directed this so well and he had many nice edits and the fight scenes were surprisingly really well choreographed and edited together and there were some nice shots. Robin Williams really gives a great performance and so does Julia Roberts and Maggie Smith and everyone. But the show steal-er is Dustin Hoffman who nails the role of Hook and he gives so much energy to every single line of dialogue he say!

In the end it has some tonally issues and some things are really clear and a couple cheesy moments, but other than that this is a great movie and a really fun time!


Διασκεδαστικό, αστείο, καλοφτιαγμένο και αν είσαι παιδί σε εμπνέει! Λίγα προβληματάκια αλλά αξίζει να το δεις μόνο και μόνο για το πως διαφέρει την πλοκή.

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