Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

Revisited this favorite of mine because I am seeing Isle of Dogs tomorrow and I wanted to get me and my mum in the mood. She loved it and while I was afraid that I would like it less, I loved it even more. It still is my favorite of Wes Anderson.

My original review: is very short, but I really have nothing much to say. This is perfect! From the direction, acting, soundtrack to the little details that this time I picked. Also because I am currently working on a Stop-Motion project I appreciated the animation more and GOD there was a lot of work put to it! The soundtrack also was incredible. It is that Wes Anderson made a family/kids movie,but really tried. He didn't make another simple kids movie. He really fucking tried and I think that he succeeded a lot. Still one of my absolutely favorites and one of my favorite animations! PERFECT!!!!


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