Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★★

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Movie 97 - Blade Runner

Ridley Scott with Blade Runner creates one of the most amazing Film Noir films out there. Blade Runner has the dark atmosphere, the thriller-style atmosphere and the mystery of a classic Film Noir, but at the same time it has some revolutionary effects, a score that works really well in the film and a distopian and future atmosphere that films nowdays try and fail to have.

Blade Runner can be seen as a sci-fi mystery, but when thought about it has some of the greatest themes and some of the most brilliant questions. What is a person? Who lives forever? Does memory count? What makes us? Who are we? It might not answer all those questions, but it certainly makes the viewer think deeply about those things.

The mystery in Blade Runner is fascinating. This is my third watch and I still felt anxious at points. The romance also really works to excel the themes of the film. The "speech" isn't that long, but it is amazing and the last shot is absolutely brilliant.

This film knows when to end, not to overstay its welcome, it knows where and why it should go and it absolutely knows how to create atmosphere. Blade Runner is a near masterpiece and one of the most important films out there. Also it is one of the best directed films I've ever seen.


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