King Richard

King Richard ★★★★½

“i want you guys to remember that you come from a rich history of people. right? like Sojourner Truth. remember her? what did she say at Seneca Falls?”

“Ain’t I A Woman?”

“…she was a young Black woman just like you guys, that she deserves to be seen and that she deserves to be heard.”

Sojourner’s speech changed my life forreal. honestly Serena and Venus Williams are everything 

also saw this tweet earlier that said a lot of critics do not judge Black performances well because they only know 3 Black people (probably less imo LOL) and it’s so true cause I roll my eyes a lot on this app when i read reviews from nonblack people about Black people ‘exceptionalism to a fault’ ‘too much about their father’ 

kk, anyways rooting for everyone Black!

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