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  • West Side Story

  • Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts

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  • West Side Story

    West Side Story

    remakes have the opportunity to address some of the issues with the original versions of movies, and it’ll always be disappointing when they don’t do that

    Rachel Zegler carried this film (and Ariana DeBose), and i can’t believe we’re supposed to take the casting of her male counterpart seriously 

    anyways it’s Spielberg, so at least there’s that!!

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  • Gloria Bell

    Gloria Bell


    “We could go to Europe...or Spain?”

    Damn. Geography is key folks!

  • Cinderella



    “i deserve better, Father. i deserve to be loved, and that’s what i found out tonight. and that’s all that really matters.” 

    this was so formative for me growing up as a young dark-skinned Black girl. it filled me with so much warmth and happiness and was one of those movies where my mom would watch me as i watched it, happy to witness my pure joy🥰❤️

    i love Brandy. i loved her as the titular character in Moesha and i’ll…