Shame ★★★★½

Shame is a very emotionally complex film about a man named Brandon (Michael Fassbender)who can't control his sexual addiction. It is a film that is very gripping and draws you in from the very start. Director Steve McQueen has become well-known for his very harsh and deep directing style, where he brings out the best and worst of his characters. When people think of sexual predators they automatically dismiss them as disgusting perverts, but with the truly mesmerising performance by Michael Fassbender, he makes you feel pity and sadness, that makes you just want to reach out and help him but you know there is nothing you can do. It is a very thought-provoking film that is very graphic, so you can only manage to watch it once or twice, but it is a film you will never forget. You become part of Brandon's struggle, you feel his pain and you feel his fear.