Moonlight ★★★★★

You don’t see Moonlight.
Moonlight sees you.
Through your soul, you’re decisions, actions, and your desire for more. Lust for purpose. Virility splintered across a kaleidoscope of unadulterated consciousness underlining junctures in life that define who you are. A poetic evolution of experiential lyricism built on character and integrity. Perhaps cinemas greatest exploration of identity. Your relations with the world around you help you discover what you’re made of, but they also mold you unintentionally into what you have become. It’s hard to not become a product of your environment. Moonlight confronts that effect for me, you and everyone alike.

Chiron's isolation is far too relatable for my liking. Brings me to tears. I know the feeling. I’ve lived it. It’s an unbearable sensation to feel like a tear, a simple drop in the vastness of the ocean. Words aren’t even needed. The silence and faces of Moonlight forces you to bask in its intent. Chapters of life blur as you are consumed by Moonlights purple, blue and bruised veil. A hand clenched in sand, a hand waiving out the car, your first time swimming, your first sexual encounter. A reminiscently nostalgic reflection on life, floating on this insightfully warm journey.

Going into technicalities is almost a waste of time. The cinematic feats on display here more than prove themselves across the board. Nicholas Britell's score is quietly tame, Miami's aura is an ebulliently brutal azure dyed fire. Every performance is harnessed with a divinely hypnotic spell. Characters are followed like a shadow you can't escape. No one can break free of themselves after all.

Barry Jenkins proves that cinema is alive, well and thriving more than I could of ever imagined. Moonlight is everything. A diamond in a desert.

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