Halloween ★★★★★

Pure untapped cinema. A feeling indescribable until felt. Few films have the sort of energy that can change the world. Jaws changed the worldview perception of sharks, Jurassic Park made every kid on earth interested in dinosaurs, Alien gave us the absolute perfect horror monster imaginable, unrivalled to this day. Star Wars changed the blockbuster. And 2001: A Space Odyssey gave the world not only one of the first glimpses into the future, but one of the first films to meditate on universal questions and life itself.
But to me its John Carpenters Halloween that dug the deepest into this well of cinema. Perfecting it. I'd be an understatement to say this film did not make the Halloween season. Sure before the film was released people still went trick or treating and carved pumpkins, but it didn't have the same spark. However, afterwards the movie made kids and adults soil themselves alike at the very thought of Halloween. But not only the film, the season in general. And to this day the film is unmatched, at least to me in the sense of being a game changer amongst the films I previously mentioned and more of course.

Damm perfect filmmaking. An unshakable aura and looming sense of evil flows through these veins.

I implore anyone to sit through the opening credits of Halloween and not be amazed and frightened at the same. Listening to the John Carpenters menacing and richly powerful score(one of the best ever) alongside a beautiful shot towards the carved pumpkin is a godly experience. One every person should feel at least once. But for me I watch this film not only during peak season, which is fast approaching might I add, but year round.

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