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  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • Zodiac
  • We're All Going to the World's Fair
  • Prisoners

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  • Righting Wrongs


  • Kudo's Secret


  • Night of the Demon


  • Tiger Cage II


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  • The Matrix

    The Matrix


    The right really co-oped red pilling yet at the end Neo advocates for a world with out borders or boundaries.


  • Lords of Chaos

    Lords of Chaos


    Bruh, having a black metal record shop that's also your apartment where you have a dungeon esque basement, listen to heavy music all day, and watch Brain Dead all the time? What a fucking mood.

    Also why did they get the guy who does The Score eSports YouTube videos to play Varg?

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  • Righting Wrongs

    Righting Wrongs


    Great fights, but just not super into it. On paper the story sounds great, but something about it just never clicked with me. Maybe just watching a ton of these Hong Kong action movies, I'm starting to burn out or something about my mood, but honestly would be interested in seeing it again down the line.

  • Kudo's Secret

    Kudo's Secret

    Maybe could've just been a mid/post credits scene for File 1

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  • This Place Rules

    This Place Rules

    Opening a movie that covers the Jan 6th Riots with a fight between two gang figures is hilarious.

    Can't wait to see the rest

  • Us



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I need to start off by saying as soon as the movie ended, I though 2.5/5.

    That was 11 hours ago and the more I think about this movie the more its fucking garbage. This is going to devolve into a rant, but idc.

    Lets get to the big part, the end. What kind of shit is that? If Adelaide was actually the one from the underground, why does she remember the incident from the other POV? How did she…