Alphaville ★★★½

This is a film designed to remind viewers of the importance of individualism in the wake of a collectivist society. Instead of a world with emphasis on human emotion and free-thinking, Alphaville puts sole importance on logic alone. Everyone in the film is consumed by scientific law and processes, unable to think for themselves or talk about how they feel, the dictionary doesn’t even contain these description words. And if someone is so lucky to break this and do so, they are removed as a spectacle. 

Well shot with cool motifs and a suspenseful score, Alphaville becomes dire and sordid, and it really hammers home the importance of individual interiority. And in a world where certain pundits claim logic is more important than feelings and that this way of thinking is needed in order to be free, this is a great reminder to them and to everyone else that the two must co-exist for a healthy world.

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