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  • Uncharted



    Enjoyable. I enjoy the games and I enjoyed this, though I don't know why they ditched any romance aspect, which is a key ingredient missing for whatever reason. Overall it's a bit hit and miss, but it delivers most of the same goofy action humour. The airplane sequence, synthetic as it is, is a standout facsimile of one of the game series' trademark set-pieces. And I got what they were going for with most scenes and sequences - very clean…

  • Eyewitness



    Found this an unappealing, messy, unfocused 'thriller' - certainly the conceit implied by the title is barely relevant to the film. William Hurt's steely ivy league looks playing a janitor and war vet who witnesses the results of a crime never gelled for me - he just seemed a creepy, inauthentic uncharismatic character and a very passive and unmotivated leading man. Weaver is mostly wasted. The plot's just an unfocused series of events explored with little enthusiasm. Yet the supporting…

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  • Stan & Ollie

    Stan & Ollie


    A milquetoast biopic of the star double-act on their final tour of England and Ireland, and a sentimental tribute to their legend. The look of the film is bland but effective - they sure do look like those people did. I found the drama a little forced, as if all the characters ever wanted to talk about was their past careers or the exposition of the weak dramatic beats that form the weak narrative.

    What I don't like is the…

  • Body Heat

    Body Heat


    A steamy affair between a small-town lawyer and a wealthy broker's wife turns into murderous intent, as they scheme to murder her husband with calamitous consequences. It's classic noir without the Hays code restrictions, arguably the sort of film that could only exist towards the end of Hollywood's auteur-driven period.

    Not that I consider Lawrence Kasdan much of an auteur - this is driven by the chemistry between William Hurt and Kathleen Turner which seems frankly quite extraordinary. This is…