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  • Paint Your Wagon

    Paint Your Wagon


    Can't believe Roger Ebert led me to believe that this was "scandalous cinematic waste" for my entire life. He did the same with Heaven's Gate, Brown Bunny, even Freddy Got Fingered. He'll always be the one that got me into this filthy art form and while I still and always will enjoy his writings I'm sure as hell glad that I've outgrown his POV and learned to love movies in my own way. I mean, he's probably 100% correct on…

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  • Hundreds of Beavers

    Hundreds of Beavers


    Monumental. A BTS making of documentary is an absolute must for this one. The most exciting and inspiring (and hilarious, hardest I’ve seen a sold out theater laugh) motion picture I’ll see all year. Slapstick so inventive you could teach an entire class on the subject/history using just this film alone. Almost singlehandedly proves that anything in filmmaking nowadays is possible no matter the budget as long as you have an imagination and enough animal costumes for you and your friends. Should win best picture next year.

  • American Fiction

    American Fiction


    Very funny and has a number of moments that honestly moved me (when it's focused on the family drama it's good), but this lacks any kind of bite and by the end feels like the exact kind of thing it spent it's time rightly criticizing. If you're going to attack the publishing industry/Hollywood for profiting off of black trauma and not even try to stir the pot (or worse, if what I've read is true and you're defanging the original…

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  • sex, lies, and videotape

    sex, lies, and videotape


    I was always peeved that this film won the Palme d'Or over Spike Lee's film. So much that when I first watched it, a few years ago when I was getting started in film, I turned it off after 15 minutes and claimed it to be one of those film classics that I didn't approve of. Because I was being edgy back then. Finally coming back for a full viewing on a Saturday afternoon, I prove my young self-worth wrong…

  • The Deer Hunter

    The Deer Hunter


    So, I'm reading some of the less favorable reviews of The Deer Hunter and I noticed a common complaint, other than the cop-out "too long" one, that the film only shows one side of the Vietnam War-that both sides of the Vietnam War were needed to be shown in order for them to deem the film as masterpiece it is known by.

    First of all. Shut up. Second of all. Really? That's not a complaint that's just lazy writing and…