Halloween ★★★

the evil is coming from INSIDE the suburbia!!! haddonfield's at a crossroads from its establishing shot. so everything's dreamy and floaty and tracking just an unsettling & uncertain proto-lynchian second or two longer than needed. rhythm's off; every yard that was familiar might hide a severed ear. michael is sometimes rape culture ('i told everybody! nobody listened!'), sometimes murderous whiteness embodied (in a white mask & white sheet!), only now acting out that violence on white suburbanites who thought they were safe. actually, not only that; he's the intersection. twice death is mistaken for sexual activity; laurie literally hides herself in a/the closet, to no greater safety, and can only stab her way out, flipping off freud in the process. the end makes clear this was never to do with mental health, no matter what blofeld might tell you: the heavy breathing motif isn't michael's. it rings from all the buildings, all haunted by powers and principalities, fed by the atrocities that made white american suburbia ever possible.

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