Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★

third viewing, down a star. it's still an occasional editing masterclass and margo remains in like 80% overlap with the person i want to be, but the straightforward reading is mra central and the 'feminist' reading (libfem at best) is sheer abuse apologia. nick's vile and i wouldn't be super unhappy with his death but the last ten minutes of this film had me (relatively mildly) shaking with flashbacks. you know wishing for people to be raped is bad, right? because then your problem's not with rape, it's with who it happens to? the same thing's true for abuse. allow that some abuse is justified if you wish, but know that just about every abuser has always claimed (and in fact based their abuse upon the assertion) that their abuse is justified, and (if you look at it in that light) isn't actually abuse. don't. give. them. an. ångström.

tbh i don't even know why i still give this two stars.

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