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This review may contain spoilers.


Horse Girl is going to be a hard watch for a lot of people. On the surface it's riddled with technical problems.

The pacing is wretched. Opening acts are so front loaded with meandering exposition that seems to lead to no where, I'm suprised I made it pass them. Characters at times seems eratic in their motavations, even conflicting with what they wanted no more than 10 minutes ago. Scenes start and end on weird beats, like a track on a record that's scratched. And the end half feels so out of placed and mismatched in tone from the beginning. So why the hell am I rating it a 4? Because the surface ugly is in my opinion, purposful, and used to communicate it's hidden meaning.

I avoid spoilers when reviewing, but I can't with this one. SPOILER: schizophrenia. I believe the pacing issues, and the odd turns in characters, even the weird scene changes, it's purposful. I know skitzophrenics and the way the Horse Girl made me feel reminds me of how they describe their condition to me. The boredom, the confusion, the anxiety, the belief of fantasy as reality. This is what schizophrenics feel all the time. It also being a main theme, careful foreshadowing, along with the masterful performances and cinemotography leads me to believe it's all done on purpose. I also enjoyed how it ramped up at the end, I was engrossed. The way I percieved the narrative is, none of the crazy shit was real. Even the end was an episode of the protagonist's mind. If my interpetation is correct, I think it's beautiful in how it communicated it's theme.

...or I'm wrong, and it's actually just really bad. iono lol

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