Bullet Train

Bullet Train

This is 100% the film I was hoping for based on the trailer - pure fun, good laughs, surprises, a cast to die for (I will take Zazie Beetz and Brian Tyree Henry in all the things, thank you very much), action and tension and effective twists. I was invested and enthralled from minute one, and while I'm usually apathetic about Brad Pitt, he made for an enjoyable lead in this breezy story.

I wasn't surprised to see that I loved this much more than other people I follow here, but I found this downright delightful. I laughed a lot, I actually gasped several times, and I wanted to turn around and see it again the minute it ended. It's the summer action movie perfection that I needed. Your mileage will vary but I say hell yeah.

PS, if you have a hard time with strong accents, you will likely struggle to hear some of the dialogue clearly because it's a bit buried in the mix, combined with all of the action/music and on top of the frequently mumbled delivery (i.e., my parents would hate this).

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