Alan Sepinwall

Alan Sepinwall

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  • Midnight Run
  • The Princess Bride
  • The Martian
  • Casablanca

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  • A Matter of Life and Death

  • The Hustler of Money


  • Sideways

  • Air Bud

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  • The Hustler of Money

    The Hustler of Money


    Doing this for my friend Matt Fowler (who’s in it!), but also because it was a sign of great things to come for Ben Stiller

  • Sideways


    1. I still can't believe Giamatti wasn't nominated for this performance.

    2. The scene where Virginia Madsen talks about why she loves wine is hypnotic, every time I watch it. While she did get nominated, and began getting more regular work after a long time of getting forgettable episodic TV roles, it felt like she should have gotten more of a boost out of this.

    3. Thomas Haden Church: so funny.

    4. Between this and The Holdovers, not only does…

Popular reviews

  • Killers of the Flower Moon

    Killers of the Flower Moon


    I didn’t love this? Great performances, the usual Scorsese technical brilliance, etc. But telling the story from this POV for 3.5 hours felt monotonous and frustrating. I wanted way more Lily Gladstone than we were given. Scorsese rightly recognized that the movie shouldn’t be about the FBI agents, but instead of trying to tell an Osage story that spotlighted the Osage characters, he instead pivoted to a dim, uninteresting goon who keeps making the same choices over a really long stretch of screen time.

  • The Holdovers

    The Holdovers


    what a lovely, lovely movie. The kind you want to live in a while, even though it’s about three sad people stuck together in what seems at first like a miserable experience. Giamatti, Randolph, and Dominic Sessa are all fantastic.