The Conjuring

The Conjuring ★★★½

As of this review, this will begin my Conjuring Universe marathon leading up to the upcoming Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It. James Wan clearly has a talent of building suspense and directing the camera in a vigorous way. The Warrens and their dynamic with the Perron family are also a strong point in this film since it does go in depth in the process of paranormal investigation and how it weaves familial themes of the film.

The problems that I have with this movie is that it is too familiar with other haunted house movies and/or exorcist movies. It relies too much on jump scares to a point that it becomes a crutch. There are times that editing can be clunky, but thankfully not too much. Lastly, it repeat scenes from the film to exposit moments that can be implied.

Yeah so far this franchise starts off pretty promising. I'm going to watch each film by release date so next will be Annabelle. Eww. Wish me luck.

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