Christmas Cheer

NEON (NZ) kicks a year while it's down by having a category called "Christmas Cheer".
From glancing at the synopsis, these movies tend to be about a professional and/or divorced/painfully single white woman who has had enough of being a one note character and moves back and/or to her/a quaint hometown. She doesn't fit in at first because she's been too caught up in consumerism (she probably worked in an ad's agency, wrote jingles or copy for ad's or as an architect) and these small town folk teach her that the true meaning of Christmas is family. She should also meet a guy who she hates at first, and the feeling is mutual, but will fall in love with. Bonus points if the guy is looking after his dying parent, disabled sibling or is a widower.
They look like the movie equivalent of a mild butter-chicken, inoffensive and pointless, but somehow safe for even the most delicate of palettes.

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