• Love & Mercy

    Love & Mercy


    solid jukebox but jesus what a sad life - nice to have a happy ending though

  • Bombshell



    Solid performances and AMAZING make-up!

  • Hellbound: Hellraiser II

    Hellbound: Hellraiser II


    I like the way it picked up straight after the first one, and again the make-up effects are great and imaginative. But they REALLY padded out the third act.

    - Hey guys this movie is coming in 40 min too short!
    - Oh just have them run down that same painted corridor and have more shots of the same matt painting.

  • Bill & Ted Face the Music

    Bill & Ted Face the Music


    It's weird how cheap this film looks. Bill & Ted were HUGE back in the day, not sure why they couldn't get a decent budget behind it. Took me three nights to get through it, despite it feeling really short, but the concert at the end gave me goosebumps, so it was a third act redemption.

  • Hellraiser



    It's taking me years to get round to watching this as I always thought it would have been TOO scary to watch. But it's not. Some of the effects are amazing (even by today's standard) and need(le)less to say the make-up effects still stand up. The acting however...

    Also, how many full grown men does it take to lift a mattress up stairs?!

  • Fear Street: 1666

    Fear Street: 1666


    An impressive trilogy all round, but the end doesn't quiet have the punch of the first two. It's very enjoyable, just had a tough act to follow.

  • Fear Street: 1994

    Fear Street: 1994


    Lots of fun and surprisingly gory.

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse

    I don't know if I liked this or hated it

  • Black Widow

    Black Widow


    My initial thoughts on Black Widow.

    1) I want to play Uncharted now.

    2) So THAT’S the story behind that jacket.

    3) These Disney + ad’s are getting long.

    4) Is that…Mt Eden?!

    5) Russian sounds remarkably similar to Cockney.

  • Freaky



    Very funny, very gross. My only criticism is it kind of grinds in the third act, slows down too soon. Worth seeing it just for Vince Vaughn being a teenage girl (which he honestly does to the same level of performance as Tom Hanks in BIG) and especially for the scene in the back of the car.

  • Luca



    Dear God why wasn't this on at the cinema. It's stunning. See this movie, it's art.

  • Fatherhood



    Sweet story, great cast, top performances...however, why would you cast a comedic actor in something and not let him do ANYTHING funny. There's some laughs, sure, but I saw so many missed opportunities for humor. Easy enough watch, but could have been Bridesmaids funny.