4+ star films are recommended.
"Favorite Films" are my most recent 5 star first-time watches.

Favorite films

  • Là-bas
  • Full Moon in Paris
  • Ninotchka
  • McCabe & Mrs. Miller

Recent activity

  • No Time to Die


  • The Lost Daughter


  • The Piano


  • What Do We See When We Look at the Sky?


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Popular reviews

  • The Farewell

    The Farewell


    This is a film more interested in telegraphing its Asianness than in saying anything interesting about it. It regurgitates all of the pieties that Asian-Americans love to repeat about themselves: yellow people have better food, yellow people throw better parties, and, above all, yellow people care more about family and the communal dimensions of life. It’s not as if there isn’t a kernel of truth to each of these—but the film insists on them so stridently, in such a flatly…

  • Distant Voices, Still Lives

    Distant Voices, Still Lives


    Davies’ marshalling of all of the resources of cinema in order to imbue a simple pair of stockings, hung mundanely on a bedpost, with an almost overwhelming deluge of emotion is the fullest justification for film as an art form that I’ve ever come across.