ASC Top 100 Milestones of the 20th Century + Essays

ASC released this list of the 100 most influential displays of cinematography of the 20th century to coincide with their 100th anniversary on 8th January 2019.

From the ASC website:
The 100 films list will serve as a library of influential, key titles that all cinematographers should see as well as an educational tool for students, teachers and film lovers to better understand and appreciate the importance of cinematography.

The justification for selecting films prior to the 21st century was "to ensure that enough time has passed for the titles and work to reasonably exhibit enduring influence.".

The first 10 are ranked.
The next 90 are ordered by release date.

Cinematographer hyperlinked in the notes so you can easily check out their other works.
As the ASC release essays on each title I'll also post links in the notes. Let me know if any link is broken.