The Conjuring

The Conjuring ★★★★½

The Conjuring Universe Chronological Watch

The OG. 

The chronological watch has been instructive not only in seeing the fun connection/threads (especially re: the Annabelle doll) between movies but also in reinforcing the quality of certain directors & their specific projects (& the not-so-great films)

Wan is frankly a masterful director & I hope we can extricate him from the big budget studio machines (especially the DC universe) and get him back into the “low budget” horror realm. 

Because this film slaps.

It’s literally one of the best horror films of the 2000’s  (Not that there’s much competition as everything has been dumbed down/PG13-ified). 

The cast is fantastic with quality performances by Wilson, Farmiga, Taylor & Livingston. 

A big gripe of mine in lots of horror (& frankly other films) is always child actors/performances . Thumbs up to the casting director, Wan & the kiddos. They rock. 

Kudos/major props to the sound design team. This haunted house revs up the engine & puts your home stereo into overdrive. 

In retrospect, if this had not been so critically well received & spooky we wouldn’t be talking about the “Conjuring Universe”. 

And that room of objects is just ripe for fantastic spin-offs.

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