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The Kid is a film that I saw many years ago and could basically remember nothing of. I recently purchased a Blu Ray boxset from Artificial Eye with all of Charlie Chaplin’s feature films and I’ve begun to go through the set. There are about 15 hours of special features plus all of his feature films (11 I think) a great box set and I’d highly recommend it to anyone. A couple months ago I watched The Gold Rush and Modern Times and I’ll be watching those again as I go through Chaplin’s filmography.

The Kid is easily Chaplin’s most heartwarming out of the 3 that I’ve seen. The actor that plays the young boy is wonderful in this film and of course Chaplin’s acting and direction, fantastic. The comedy in this really hits, it was hilarious the whole way through while also packing a punch emotionally and that’s a fine line to walk on, blending really funny comedy and having genuinely touching moments that could bring you to tears. The genre blend has been attempted throughout history but an example as successful as this turned out to be doesn’t spring to mind.

I was thoroughly engaged throughout my time watching this film and to be honest I lost of track of time and the film ended just as soon as it had begun. The numerous comedy sketches were all great to see on screen, one that stands out to me was at the very beginning with the baby.

On Letterboxd this film is listed at about 66 minutes of length or something like that, however the copy I watched it on was 58 minutes and I was wondering if the time was from the ending since it felt like there was a slight rush to the finish line at the very end, but I’ll let that pass, because aside from that which didn’t bother me all that much and could very well be due to a cut not made by Chaplin, this film was pretty much perfect. I loved the music as well, along with the ending, but more so the more spiritual scene towards the end (I’m trying not to spoil it)

My favorite films tend to be longer ones, but it’s always great to see what filmmakers manage to do with shorter runtimes, especially when that runtime is only an hour.

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