Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ★★★★

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ♻️

{82%} ✅

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Alfonso Cuarón really made a difference! This isn’t my favorite of the series, as it seems to be with most people, but in pretty sure it used to be, way back when, regardless it’s a great film and certainly the best of the first three. 

The whole reading in the dark thing in the beginning looked way to sexual, but fine we’ll move on, and honestly this seems like the film that could have the most sexual jokes made about. 
WHAT? I can’t have a little immaturity in my reviews...

I don’t see anyone not loving everything with Aunt Marge at the start of the film, it’s just too good. Then of course the night bus segment is just classic. Then I guess the film actually begins to move forward. With all of these Harry Potter they take far too long to get started but in this film I wouldn’t take away those scenes at the start for anything.

There’s a great scene when Harry meets up with the whole gang and Mr Weasley pulls him aside to tell him about the threat of Sirius Black, the camera movement, the composition, the Sirius posters placed within the frame all work wonders. And the cinematography throughout the film is great, definitely the best in the series, and it’s great detached from the context of being a Harry Potter series and that’s down to Cuarón, the constantly moving camera is fantastic in this film, it keeps us slightly on edge and gives the film the uneasy atmosphere that it requires.

Everything on the train with the dementors is great. The introduction of Lupin, one of my favorite characters was done well and he was well acted, in yet to see Mike Leigh’s Naked but I’m eagerly anticipating it, in part due David Thewlis also being in it. And the dementors on the whole are really a force of darkness and they appear that way. The quidditch scene is done particularly well.

Everything in this film is much more engaging and immersive. I laughed and joked about everything rewatching the first 2 films, but in here there were funny and light moments but that darker atmosphere that the the others films required is very much present and the film was much better off with it.

The third act was great, with heightened suspense and climactic moments. The BIG Expecto Patronum scene was overdone, I really couldn’t take that seriously, if things like that were ironed out the films would be much better off. But aside from that we had a great third act and I was completely in for it.

A few final mentions...

Harry got worse for me in this film, as I said I don’t like him, but he gets worse as the series goes on to be honest.

The Maurader’s map is great. And so are those end credits and the transition into them.

The music wasn’t as overdone in this film so it blended in much better.

Yep. That’s what I have to say...

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