Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★★

Day 15 of 31 days of Halloween Horror

I put off watching this a bit after I finished season 2 of Twin Peaks because I knew how emotional it was gonna make me and I was extremely right. I wish you could include pictures with reviews here so my review could just be my tear streaked face.

The beginning feels reminiscent of the television show, giving us two detectives investigating a murder in a small town. Then cutting to Cooper and Albert, showing us familiar faces we love and adore. Then it ripped out my heart and immediately made me cry with the abrupt cut to the all too familiar Welcome to Twin Peaks sign, with the theme music swelling in the background as Laura appears and begins her walk to school.

Everything feels so familiar but it’s not tinged with the same rose colored view the series has. In the series, we’re following Cooper, who had this boyish fascination with the town and the people in it, and the viewer can’t help to feel the same way. But now with Laura, we know the sinister nature that lies beyond the pines. Even Laura herself is a completely different person. The series shows her as this beautiful homecoming queen who befell a tragic death, but in this she’s just a girl crying out for someone to help her.

Laura’s pain is felt so vividly and I was just hoping that someone would help her or intervene, but I know how this all ends, I know she doesn’t get help, I know by the end Laura will be dead and wrapped in plastic. But still, I hoped and maybe that’s because I feel her pain too and wish someone would help me. I think it’s fair to say that this is probably my favorite work of Lynch’s and I love Laura so much it hurts.

Also on a completely different side note, I will be writing an essay on the homosexual subtext between Laura and Donna’s relationship and how they loved each other so much more than beyond just friendship.

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