Zombieland: Double Tap

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This review may contain spoilers.

What to say, absolutely loved it, the first one was amazing and this one improved on it, in scale, in humor, in emotions, everything really.
Extremely well directed.
Woody Harrelson is at his absolute best, Stone and Eisenberg and Breslin have come back strong too, Zoey Deutch is "soy cute". Rosario Dawson is just perfect for her role.

The story picks up after 10 years and reaffirms that teenagers are not to be trusted, being one myself I can verify that, LR runs away after W and LR run away from the White House(their new home?) together and Berkeley is just an inch away from getting his head smashed in by Tallahassee, as they get to 'Babylon' they have to give up their weapons because of pacifists, huh ironic. The end satisfies and that's what matters, making you crave more and you think to yourself that you'll definitely wait for the third part another 10 years.

Go watch it now before a Hawking or a T800 does you.