Sherlock Holmes Baffled

Sherlock Holmes Baffled ★★★

A bit of an oddball, Sherlock Holmes Baffled was made in 1900 and is the earliest (discovered) Holmes film. This silent bit clocks in around 50 seconds (around 45 seconds if you skip the opening credit). It shows Holmes entering, what I presume to 221B Baker Street, and discovers a thief has broken in. The burglar keeps popping in and out of the picture leaving Holmes utterly baffled as he tries to catch the man. I'm no expert on film but the way the thief appears/disappears was, apparently, a huge leap in filmmaking at the time.

I think die hard Holmes' fans should see this if they want to witness a piece of Sherlock Holmes history. Anyone interested in studying old short movies may like this. Outside of that I don't think it would appeal to most people. It's currently on YouTube and since it's less than a minute long watching it should be super easy, barely an inconvenience! I somewhat recommend it.

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