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  • Run




    I'm living for Sarah Paulson INTENSE films.

    Run is about a mother who drugged her daughter, making her believe that she was sick and that's the real reason why she could barely walk anymore. Later on, the daughter found out that <spoiler alert> she wasn't her real child and that the daughter of Sarah Paulson was dead for a long time. It has an interesting story even though it's typical for thriller films and that makes it kind of…

  • Fantastic Mr. Fox

    Fantastic Mr. Fox



    This might be the best Wes Anderson film that I've ever watched.

    Fantastic Mr. Fox is such an entertaining family film with a superb visual effects and cute storyline. It's about Mr. Fox having a good life by being a good father, a good husband and a good neighbor in a sense that it is philosophical in some way. This will be added to one of my favorite comfort films of all time.

    Also, what a wonderful ensemble of…

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  • Mank




    Inspiring biopic! Mank deserved the credit and this isn't up for debate.

    This film beautifully told us how Herman J. Mankiewicz wrote Citizen Kane, which some critics and popular magazines considered it to be the greatest movie of all time. For me, I find this a little complicated to understand since I have a little knowledge regarding the history of America and about the film itself, but as this film progressed, it just wanted to narrate this good, clear…

  • Four Sisters Before the Wedding

    Four Sisters Before the Wedding



    Producers be like: okay so let's throw some bad and unpolished screenplay, let's add good actors and actresses, are we done? Alright, let's shine Charlie Dizon's acting. Then let's add some cliché scenes, and cringe scenes, and sweet scenes, and feel-good scenes. Then, let's go back to cliché and cringe scenes again, a typical resolution indeed. Then, let's combine it altogether and mix it and tada!

    Unnecessary prequel.