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  • Poor Things

    Poor Things


    this. this is the best 2023 release. and I can say that with my full chest. 
    Bella Baxter is an incredibly well-crafted character, who is timeless and should go down in books for "best character of all time".
    Yorgos Lanthimos - I did not doubt you, I knew that this would've been incredible regardless, but I did not expect to walk out of the theatre physically shaking and in awe.

    I truly think that there's nothing bad that you could…

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  • The Zone of Interest

    The Zone of Interest


    the vines will grow and cover it all

    horrifying, haunting and chilling. sat through the entire credits in silence just thinking. 
    a movie about something we know. we all sat through history lessons, watched videos, movies, talked with different people about this situation. we know what happened.
    but it's a different kind of horror to watch the lives of people who live comfortably next to this tragedy, to the screams. to watch the children grow there and automatically grow up with…

  • Twilight



    god never realised how long this is

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  • White Men Can't Jump

    White Men Can't Jump

    can you believe jack harlow is gonna be in this

  • Aftersun



    There's so much to say about a film who doesn't even have a "concrete" plot and couple of my friends didn't really understand it. This is a movie that stays very very close to my heart and whenever I even THINK about it I start crying.