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  • Pain and Glory
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  • My Liberation Notes

    My Liberation Notes

    This had so much potential in the beginning, but the latter episodes devolved into having the same kind of melodrama and over-the-top plot points that so many kdramas (and teleseryes) have.

    I was initially attracted to this show because of how quiet it was. I liked how moody the characters were. The way they expressed their emotions was so weird yet sounded like something straight out of my own inner thoughts--like Gi-jeong saying multiple times how she wanted to just…

  • Over the Garden Wall

    Over the Garden Wall



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  • Blue Gate Crossing

    Blue Gate Crossing


    zheng shihao sweetie being a scorpio is nothing to be proud of.......

  • Blue



    it's amazing how perfect the timing was for me to watch this film. im the same age as the main characters, and all the emotions of adolescence--feeling lost; loneliness; like you don't know yourself or you don't really understand yourself at all; feeling scared for the uncertainty of the future; feeling like youre too late to start doing something with your life, or that you don't and won't ever amount to anything; wanting to change your life but not knowing…