El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie ★★★★★

Ok first off I wanna note that this rating encompasses my feelings towards Breaking Bad as well, because there is no option for Breaking Bad on this damn site.

Holy fucking shit.

I don't think I have ever connected with, cared for, or been otherwise invested in a character as much as I was with Jesse Pinkman. In the first season and a half of the show, he is a often funny, relatable albeit sometimes one-note character that offsets Walters tone perfectly. A good character. Throughout the next three and half seasons, however, he developed into one of the most brilliantly human portrayals of humanity and depression that have or will ever be put to art. There are scenes that I simply refuse to believe were part of a television show. There were moments where Aaron Paul absolutely transcends any form of possibility I have ever known. Bryan Cranston is an insane actor, and rivals with another flawless, if not best-of-all-time worthy performance, but Aaron Paul did something that I will never ever forget. I can't even describe it with words.

His relationship with Jane is likely my favorite part of the series. I don't remember exactly how long it lasted, but it couldn't have been longer than 5 episodes. Five. Episodes. That was all it took for them to have us believe that these two characters were deeply in love. And when that is ripped away from Jesse in a terrible way that we hate to admit we saw coming, we along with Jesse are forced to realize how fucked he is. He has been face to face with death before. But this is the first time we see him confront his inner conflict. God its so perfect.

El Camino was good. It was slow in the beginning, some of the dialogue was stupid, the actors were either way fatter or way older than they should've been and it lost me for 20 minutes in the middle, but it didn't matter. it was all worth it just for the ending, to see Jesse finally have his moment. That final shot, with him driving off into Alaska, and the little shot of Jane, fucking broke me. Yeah on its own this movie is like a 3.5, but I would lose sleep if I rated it anything less than 5. God im broken this show was the best thing I've ever watched thank you and god bless