Gay USA ★★★★★

“It’s a statement to everyone in the world that there are gay people, that there is a gay life, that there is a gay community. For the young person somewhere feeling very much alone, this kind of statement does away with that terrible sense of isolation and loneliness.” 

as a gay kid, i’ve spent a lot of time feeling alienated, isolated, and alone. i’ve also spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to feel less of that, because feeling like that is miserable. 

i’ve found a lot of solace in learning about LGBT history and politics, it’s been one of my most effective ways of combatting the soul crushing alienation i find myself having to live with. i’ve spent a lot of time reading about the history of LGBT peoples struggles, reading essays and theoretical works about gender and sexuality, and i’m using what i learn to ground myself, to work towards realizing my identity and my humanity. a knowledge of my communities history has helped me to feel as if i have a place in the world, it’s allowed me to feel connected to something meaningful and important, and it’s helped me accept myself and realize i deserve to be here even if i feel at times that i don’t.

movies and documentaries like this one offer even more context to my experiences, more affirmation that there’s something more to look forward too. documentaries like this show that alienation and misery isn’t the end all be all of gay existence, they show you that there’s a community you belong to and a history you have a place in. it’s a living, breathing display of what i’ve read about, and i’m very thankful for its existence. i only wish that stuff like this was more widely known of among our community, because i really do think LGBT kids would benefit from learning about our history and our politics. i suppose the mission now is to tell everyone to watch this and other movies like it. 

thx 4 reading i’m done thinking now :)

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