The Fabelmans

The Fabelmans ★★★★★

scrolling through the reviews for the fabelmans, seeing all the different aspects that people were affected by, and specific moments of the movie they were able to relate to, in what was the life-story of one of the greatest directors that will ever live, is just such a beautiful sight.

thank you, steven spielberg.

not only for the reminder of why i love cinema, but for making something that, through reflecting on the events which forged you as a filmmaker, and even more importantly, made you into the person that you are today, allowed so many others and i to do the same. a film has never made me face and embrace memories, both good and bad, quite like this one did.

largely due to sammy's unbreakable connection with his mother, seen at their highest and lowest by way of the performances put on by gabriel labelle and michelle williams. who, aside from sammy's jesus-manic first love in chloe east, i thought were the standouts. every single one of these cast members deserve their kudos though. from those who played family members (have to mention julia butters who i believe is going to be a star), to the smaller roles and cameos dropped in throughout, they all went into making this movie feel as magical as it did.

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