Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick ★★★★

I really really enjoyed this one. How couldn’t anyone. It reminds me of Spielberg’s West Side Story from last year— where the vision and execution put to screen is just some of the most polished a film can be. The action is just incredible stuff, and Tom Cruise plays Tom Cruise and what’s not to love about that. 

The problem with it for me though is just how badly this gave me the ick. It felt like I was watching a dude from Texas or Florida’s favorite film of all time. It’s a conservatives dream film, however it may not have enough white people for their taste. I was just really disliking the amount of American Exceptionalism that was put to screen. I have never seen the first film but honestly I can’t say I wasn’t expecting that. I absolutely was. It felt dirty that the “Enemy” was the most unclear an enemy can be. I don’t even know if they told the audience who or what they were doing wrong in which they needed to be bombed. The audience is thinking “Oh yeah just some foreign country— let’s watch Maverick and crew bomb the shit outta them! 😎” I hate war films from the perspective of the US because so many of these situations they are often the oppressor. It feels dirty, and hard to watch.

But yeah. This film is fucking hot. Sexy even. Insane lens choices. 8/10.