The Batman

The Batman ★★★★★

My only problem with this film is that is essentially, massively, liberal as fuck. It has the mindset that everything will be fine if we can take down the corrupt people, while doing so, sucking off the police. Gordon being just “one of the good cops” is just, disappointing. It’s at times in your face about these things. And the fact that the only character to talk shit about the police, calling them pigs, is the Riddler, who then assembles the fucking proud boys. God idk. It just has a liberal bias all over the place, that just tells the audience that saying all cops are bad is wrong as it comes from the villain. The worse character piece of Batman is that he is a billionaire. It is extremely hard to watch and love something, a character I have loved my whole life; when he is a billionaire. I really hope this issue is touched on. It needs it. It is making the right steps, but it has a long way to go. 

Anyways! I loved this shit went so mf hard. Paul Dano is fucking hilarious. Robert Pattinson, I gasped. I cried. I came. I SAW: THE BATMAN. in imax. twice. yeah. 5/5.

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