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  • The Australian Dream

    The Australian Dream


    I might as well come out and say this now - I'm not a fan of sports. But I do like sports documentaries: there is a relatability when hearing Michael Jordan describe his lust to be someone greater than a nobody in The Last Dance. However, this is taken to stronger heights in The Australian Dream, a film that examines identity, belonging, and race when using the Australian Football League at the centre.

    It is also a deeply worrying and…

  • 200 Motels

    200 Motels


    Another music movie, another Pop Screen episode. Weird but cheap is all I have to say about 200 Motels. It's funny, looking back on my old Cinema Eclectica review, I never was a person who liked to be upfront with my criticisms on movies. I just faintly praised everything back then and moved onto the next film. Now, that's different and whilst 200 Motels is undoubtedly a memorable film for how bizarre and smutty it is, I am not sure…

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  • Phantom



    Week #3 of Film School Drop Outs Challenge 2017 - German Expressionism (1920 - 1927)

    My list | Original list

    F. W. Murnau was one of the most influential directors working in the realms of silent cinema. His adaptation of Dracula, simply entitled Nosferatu is one of the most beloved horror films of 1920's, Faust is an epic folklore tale that holds up upon multiple viewings, even when he moved over to Hollywood to make Sunrise, he was still cranking…

  • Strange Days

    Strange Days


    Part of my 52 Films by Women Challenge! (27/52)

    My only gripe with Strange Days is that it's such a missed opportunity to not use the song 'Strange Days' by The Doors. Bad luck Bigelow, I give your cult classic an A-. Minus that cruel factor, Strange Days is an utterly spotless piece of science-fiction. From the very first shot, told from the point-of-view of a bank robber where his heist goes badly wrong, the level of skill needed to…