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  • Splatter: Naked Blood
  • The Devil's Honey
  • Angel Guts: Red Classroom
  • Vampyros Lesbos

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  • Auntie Lee's Meat Pies


  • Private Parts


  • The Hellstrom Chronicle


  • Le bijou d'amour


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  • Rafureshia



    watching this film at this point in my life makes me wish I can abandon everything and live a hedonistic lifestyle while searching for a rare flower in a faraway forest.

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  • Malice@Doll



    Ugh, I feel revived its as if I have been kissed by Malice.

    Don't let the traumatizing Misty Green Sky animation style scare you away from this one, it may be rough around the edges and quite dark sometimes, but it's truly what made it so special, for me at least. I can't imagine all that gritty and rough aesthetic being conveyed better in a traditional anime style.

  • Blood for Dracula

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  • Angst


    awww he's so sweet for not killing the dog 🥺

  • Suspiria



    eating a salad whilst watching suspiria at three in the afternoon is my aesthetic