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  • Messiah of Evil

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  • The Tragedy of Macbeth


  • Once Upon a Time in China II


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  • Leptirica



    packing an “old lady is hard of hearing” scene (played for laughs) in your hour long vampire movie is alpha brain filmmaking, genuinely cracked me up that it was in there

  • Four of the Apocalypse

    Four of the Apocalypse


    wasn't prepared for how earnest and tender this gets by movie's end! every once in a while you get a Fulci like this or Don't Torture a Duckling where he goes completely straightforward and you remember, by and large, this is a guy who can direct the hell out of an a-b-c narrative when he wants to. even so, glad he doesn't usually want to

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  • The Love Guru

    The Love Guru


    there's a certain kind of art made when the ground has moved under the feet of the people making it without them knowing, leaving the entire enterprise feeling desperate and out of date--it happens in music every few years, and it happens in comedy even more. you can probably think of a few examples. The Dictator is a big one. jim carrey has like 4 of these. Ghostbusters (2016) melded this with the dreaded modern "discourse movie" that we've had…

  • Norbit



    am fascinated by just how personal this movie is--there's so much Eddie Murphy stuff that just smacks of taking a paycheck, but he went out of his way to write this one (with Charlie) and play 3 characters (all insanely committed performances, including one in yellowface which jesus christ) in the wake of his own divorce (his wife filed in 05, finalized in 06, we get Norbit in early 07). Eddie Murphy's Scenes from a Marriage.

    this is probably one…