Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ★★★½

I was honestly very impressed with this movie. This is easily the best solo MCU movie since Thor: Ragnarok, in my opinion. The best hand to hand action since Capitan America: The Winter Soldier, easily, too, actually it might have my favorite hand to hand fights in the MCU. 

The film also has an incredibly stacked cast. Tony Leung, who has starred in several masterpieces directed by masterclass director Wong Kar-Wai, gave a pretty standout performance. And his character was actually one of the best written villains (kind of?) I’ve seen in an MCU solo film. The rest of the cast, including and especially Michelle Yeoh and the lead, Simu Liu, are great too. 

Most of the characters are also pretty solid, the story is easy to follow, the editing and cinematography is competent enough, there’s not much to hate in this movie for me, honestly. 

But I will list three of my problems: 1. The humor. Awkwafina is about as unfunny here as she usually is, which is pretty unfunny in my opinion. 2. The action that isn’t hand to hand is ridiculous and the CGI surrounding it is pretty bad, and finally, 3. The film would have been significantly better than it already is if they didn’t try to connect it to a broader universe.

As is, it’s still a very solid movie, and probably my second favorite superhero movie of the year. First being The Suicide Squad (still a much better movie than this), of course. All in all, I’m impressed. I wasn’t expecting much because while I somewhat enjoyed all of the post-Endgame MCU entries, I didn’t have much to say about them. But this is really good!

7/10 (closer to an 8 than a 6, and it would have probably been an 8 had the film had better effects and didn’t try to connect it to anything)

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