Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

I can’t believe rewatching one of my favorite films last year would be this exhilarating and exciting at three in the morning. Knives Out is crime dramedy film that revolves around the death of a prevalent crime novelist and how a detective connected the dots by scrutinizing a tumultuous family. The film enthralls its audience by subverting your expectations with its gradual yet compelling plot switch, from your typical detective flick to a How to Get Away with Murder trope, then coming to a full circle in the most gratifying way possible. Multiple twists and red herrings were presented that almost every scene felt impossible to predict, making it fun for people like me to guess what’s going to happen next, proving how Rian Johnson is always a step ahead of the game with his impressive screenplay and directorship. The setting was constructed in a captivating, enigmatic manner, mostly due to the perfect blend of production design, cinematography, and music score, assembling a noteworthy detective film that will leave a mark in the genre. Its commentary on immigration and social inequality was integrated well with the plot, elevating the film into more than just a detective story. The ensemble cast was absolutely phenomenal, with each cast having their own moment, with the three leads, Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, and Ana de Armas, dominating every scene they’re in. The way the film ended by dropping an explosive yet fulfilling revelation showed that sometimes, all you need is to be a passive observer of the truth to see the bigger picture. And I just realize that I probably suck as a detective.

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