Malignant ★★★★

I wasn't expecting the campiest horror movie of the year to also have the best action sequence of the year but life's weird like that.

Say what you want about James Wan, he wears his influences on his sleeve, but you can tell that there's real love for the source material in his heart. A lesser director and more pretentious hack like Luca Guadagnino would try to "elevate" this type of material, but Wan is the right kind of stupid. All the classic touchstones of your favorite Gialli are here, but reshaped for a hyperactive 21st century audience

It's a shame that this movie is tracking to bomb, because I would totally watch the sequel. Hell, I'd buy the god-damned DVD if they still sold them where I live.

Side note: This would make a great double bill with Knife + Heart as 2 of the only modern movies to get Giallo right.

Side note 2: I am pleased to learn that a certain character is played by a real life contortionist. It's cool to know that said character wasn't a entirely CG creation.

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