I Saw the Devil

I Saw the Devil ★★★★★

Wow what an emotional journey I went through with this film, hence the five star rating which I rarely give out. I felt a plethora of strong emotions watching this—disgust, sorrow, anxiety, and rage all in the span of 141 minutes. This is a brutal tale of vengeance that is so unrelenting in the violence that even though it was difficult to watch at times, I couldn’t pull myself away. It starts off with a heinous murder committed by a deranged serial killer, who for the rest of the movie is then viscously stalked by the fiancé of that same murder victim. The cat and mouse chase between these two men is honestly the best I’ve ever seen, it was very reminiscent of Se7en but it became so much more when it delved deep into the character’s complex motivations. I was horrified by the actions of Jang Kyung-chul (the serial killer) I wanted him to suffer for his crimes but was justice truly delivered and at what cost? I’m writing this review hours later and I’m still thinking hard about this, especially that bleak ass ending that I surely will never forget. I would highly recommend but be warned this is majorly fucked up and will leave you feeling utterly destroyed in the end. Normally in a revenge flick you feel like some semblance of justice has been served.. but did anyone win in this film?🪛🚕 

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