Midsommar ★★★★½

This film is so slick in how it somehow lulls you into a false sense of security and plays it off as culture shock, but once Ari Aster incorporates that shockingly brilliant 4th wall break, the “facade” begins to crumble and there’s no stopping the train to madness
The intro is still so fucking perfect, and it somehow only improves from there
The directors cut adds so much and it really improves just about any criticisms you could have with the theatrical. It just makes everything that much more impactful, and adds subtleties and nuances that make it deliciously evil and jaw dropping while never losing its eclectic beauty 
This film is just so manipulative repeatedly (in the best ways possible) and does such a great job at demonizing the terrible American guests and this version makes Christian even MORE of a scummy asshole somehow 
The foreshadowing and imagery in this are also truly impeccable
When you’re not wincing and gasping at the pure insanity developing before your very eyes, you’ll surely be grinning at how delightfully cruel and gorgeous this brilliant piece of unique filmmaking can truly be

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