Lovers Rock

Lovers Rock ★★★★

Absolutely fantastic. A somewhat aimless but nevertheless impactful film on the power of communal activity. Drinks, music, dancing, food, companionship. It’s all there for everybody, and watching this film during the pandemic really elevates how much it is truly missed
There’s something so raw captured here, and McQueen somehow translates that to pure uncontrollable energy before your eyes simply through the use of handheld camerawork and singing. No backing track, just the vocals of beautiful people so caught up in the moment that they feel obligated and possessed by an unexplainable feeling to sing their hearts out, or stomp their feet to the beat, or start removing their clothes, or simply pulling each other closer and being in that moment and nowhere else
This is an inherently beautiful film, and while some ugliness is very clearly lurking under the surface, the film looks it over for the beauty that is still happening indoors
I don’t know if that hurts the film and its message or roots it further in the beauty that it’s trying to convey yet, but aside from that, this is just over an hour of perfection
And that ending ugh
It doesn’t matter what you have to do the day after, because for one night, everything you have to worry about is right there in one little room
This really makes me miss a fun night out, and whenever we do get back to some semblance of normalcy, it’s films like these that will make you cherish every little moment that occurs during them. The grazing of a hand, the pull of a companion, the sip of a drink and a twirl to the rhythm. Art and expression is fucking beautiful, and this film right here is a shining example of it brought to life

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