Blonde ★★★★

Blonde is a deeply complex to grapple with. On a purely cinematic level, it will have few rivals when talking about the best of the year. It is a journey from the supposedly peak glamour of Hollywood that becomes a nightmarish descent into a lonely, painful existence for those we put on a pedestal, without having a second thought for what may be going on within them
Ana de Armas is repeatedly stunning as she balances the charm of a public persona so well known and beloved to all against the turmoil going on within the mind of a tortured soul
Andrew Dominik vividly captures a swirl of memories without rose tinted glasses and a unique, stylistic manner in a way that feels deeply refreshing for a biopic 
Nick Cave and Warren Ellis provide the best score of the year in my opinion. It will be incredibly tough to beat that ethereal contribution that pairs so well with the stark, gorgeously lit imagery
I do feel the film takes a very unnecessary turn for about 30–40 minutes, but by the end, it recovers well enough
Still, that segment feels incredibly hamfisted, even for somebody like Dominik, who is anything but subtle. It feels like a very odd set of choices, which leave me wondering how they will be dissected, and if we will ever learn the exact reasoning for the decisions (I have a theory but completely unsure and speculative)
All in all, while not my favorite Dominik, this is a deeply fascinating film, and one that will surely be remembered when all the dust settles
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