Sick ★★★★★

Definitely expected this to get going sooner than it did, so as a quick disclaimer to whoever is going to watch: the entire first act is basically one long exposition dump. This is probably the first covid-era movie I've seen that's expressly about the pandemic, so it's a little jarring seeing the actual reality of 2020 all framed and mise-en-scened and productionized right in front of me... and it's also weird how accurate it felt. That was a definite plus.

I know there' s a bit of a taster at the start, but once this movie starts going it really fires on all cylinders. It's the kind of high-octane thriller that actually demands your full attention. Part of that is that the fights are so quickly paced, but it doesn't fall into the margins of quick editing and frantic camerawork. You're able to fully enjoy each scuffle in glorious detail: masterfully choreographed, with set pieces used to full effect and some pretty complicated framing set-ups.

There's an entire sequence of the killer just doing this cat-and-mouse kind of hover in the corner, and I found myself actually putting my phone down trying to spot where the dude will appear. And this isn't even one of those 'camera-pans-out-then-back-and-boom-the-killer-is-there', you literally see the killer awkwardly watch the characters from across the hall, and do quick little jogs to position himself behind corners and such.

Came us such a massive surprise and will probably be on my rewatch rotation for years to come. That weird moral message thing detracts from this ever-so-slightly (blumhouse why are you like this), but I'll take what I can get.

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