Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★

i can't say i expected much from godzilla vs kong, but going off a lot of the reviews i read on here, i feel like i'm missing out on some major context that would've given this more weight than the generic kaiju film. unfortunately for me, the only other one of these i've seen is godzilla (1954) which is decidedly the opposite of what appears to be the culmination of brawl-type, action-based mega monster movies.

going off of that, i will say that, at least in terms of spectacle, godzilla vs kong is a worthy entry in that genre. it's literally impossible not to give props to a movie like this for even existing, and the whole absurdity of the premise literally just has you sitting in awe. AND to whoever did the color grading in this, the preponderance of neon is just such a sight to behold and it actually made me want to visit shanghai for the first time in my life.

apart from that, there isn't really much else to write about within the narrative. i feel like the human characters were underutilised in this (with mbb's entire arc just seeming superfluous ALTHOUGH i did appreciate the nz vodafone kid), and apart from one really cute joke that had a nice pay-off (you'll know it when you see it), there isn't really anything memorable there. great popcorn flick though, and it's a decent length. watched this at home with my family but it probably would've been much more impressive on the big screen.

(also, the entire runtime, i was very distracted by the fact that this film basically exists as a commercial enterprise and had zero soul, and how it is a monument to the bloat of modern society's commodification of nature as a spectacle that exists only for human consumption (like these are god-like beasts and they're basically being paraded around in the equivalent of a cockfight).

there's also a very superficial anti-corporate sentiment in this that is so transparent... like it's just so performative and it's telling that the thin veneer of counterculture is used to overlay some underlying idea that excessive violence can be sanctioned if only it can be justified by yet another institutional behemoth. hong kong gets destroyed and yet america is 100% fine? america is the whole reason this problem even exists right? idk i didn't watch the other movies.

also also it was so telling that white americans were the saviours of the film, as if they're the be-all and end-all of the naturalist movement. every single bad guy in this is foreign and has an aggressive accent, OR are clearly not of white descent (like eiza gonzalez). there's also the little native american girl that ironically can't even speak and has literally no agency, but she exists solely for the actual white people with power to deign to listen to her, but even that is played off as mostly being out of sentimentality... like why couldn't they have aged her up and make her lead this whole thing? why did we need the white people proxy??

idk i know it's not that deep but i just couldn't help myself. )

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