I Married a Witch

I Married a Witch

A joyous, sparkling confection - seventy seven minutes of pure comic delight.

Veronica Lake is adorably acerbic as the titular witch, out for adorable revenge only to be stung by her own careless, impetuous witchy ways, inadvertently turning herself adorably lovestruck to pine after the amusingly befuddled Fredric March.

A wealth of laugh out loud lines pepper the pleasurably rhythmic dialogue - it's not quite Sturges (an uncredited producer), but not so very far away. Rene Clair produces a pleasing amount of simple but effective visual invention, from small moments of pleasing physical choreography to grander sequences such as the flying car and burning building, and some cleverly realised magical effects. Talking bottles and floating smoke clouds are smart choices within the limitations of 1940s special effects, especially if you have a cast of this ability to imbue them with sufficient personality to make you forget that's what you're looking at.

And a lovely conclusion - love conquers all, even witchcraft. Slight, but pretty much perfect, just like its leading lady. For Lake is undoubtedly the crown jewel that elevates what would otherwise have been a pretty decent film anyway into one that orbits and absorbs her unique charisma to quite enchanting effect.

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