Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice ★★★★★

you must know... surely you must know it was all for you

one of if not the most romantic films of all time but EVERYTHING about it is perfect. the bennetts are such a realistic family (and fucking hilarious) and the dynamics between all of them esp jane & elizabeth and jane & mr bennett are perfect. its shot so well even the slightly ofd reality tv style zooms work lmao. judi dench is PERFECT in this role. i also adore jane & bingley and how fleshed out their love story is theyre both so sweet!!! and i genuinely from the bottom of my heart do not understand how someone can watch this and dislike keira knightley

but oh my god elizabeth & darcy’s relationship is like Something Else. every time he looks at her it GUTS me like the LONGING the PINING in his eyes.... like every interaction between the two is genuinely captivating. there are multiple moments that make me gasp out loud every time. the scene where they dance and everyone fades away, ‘i’m very fond of walking’ ‘yes, i know’, the HAND FLEX, ‘jane, i’m so blind’, the dramatic morning walk. and god the initial tentative awkward repressed build up is so amazingly painful and then culminating the fucking scene in the rain... like all the tension of said build up being released.... the desperation... it makes me wanna lie down to recover mrs bennett style.

for the last half an hour i was literally just beaming through tears :’) this is an extremely gushy review lol but this film makes me so happy!! it makes you love love - all kinds, familial, platonic, romantic - i love it!! i want to be in love!!

i cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look or the words, which laid the foundation. it is too long ago. i was in the middle before i knew that i had begun.

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